David Started It!



Yesterday, I was just sitting in the kitchen crocheting on my bathtub floor rug and listening to some tunes. David comes over to me saying that he has been raking the yard. He wants me to come help because the weather is nice today and we should take advantage of it. The weather is suppose to get cooler and rainy in a few more days. The temps are suppose to get back in the high thirties for highs and there are possibilities for the white fluffy stuff again. Booo!

I set aside my crocheting, put my hair up in a pony tail, and found my garden gloves. This being my first go at yardening for the year I needed to protect my hands from blisters. I also was not going to go all crazy and do a large patch of raking. I got outside and found my rake.

Then I took this photo of where David had started his patch of raking.


I then took this photo of were I decided to begin my patch.

I set a goal of raking from the side steps over to the well cover.


David took turns at raking and doing his urban prospecting.

He took this photo of me hard at work while he was resting on the side steps.


I finished my goal patch so I took this photo of David raking some more in his patch.


I finished off my outdoor time taking this photo of my completed patch.


Indoors the sprouts continue to push up through the soil.

These two were greeting the sun this morning.

Breaking Soil!

The Moonflowers are breaking through the soil!

This is exciting to me!

I have never tried to grow these.

I am off to a good start.

Three of the six seeds have sprouted!

The sweet peppers started breaking the soil about a week ago.

I don’t know about those green peppers ,the pods with tooothpicks sticking up.

I had trouble getting them to sprout last year too.

I Planted A Garden Today, INSIDE !!

Because this May has been too cold, too wet , oh and lets not forget the two snowstorms we have had one on Mother’s Day and one just last week.

We had already planted the spinach about 10 days ago. They have sprouted and are doing well. So I was talking with Dave on how well they were doing and he said something about radishes. I said we could grow those in the house too. Then I thought, Hey! we could grow a small variety of tomatoes too. So here we are growing a container garden in the house. 🙂

When the weather finally starts to cooperate, Dave will turn the soil so he can plant cucumbers and a variety of squashes.

Close up of one of the smaller tomato plants.

                        Close up of one of the smaller tomato plants.