Can We Plant Now!?


We have been having lots of wet and cold days. David and I are both anxious to get the garden planted. Well it has finally stopped being rainy and last night the low was 46 degrees. It looks as we are now past the danger of having frost. So today we will be starting some of that planting!

David and I have been taking the occasional nice day here and there getting places ready to plant the baby plants that we have been growing inside.

These are David’s squash plants that he has been growing in peat pots with potting soil.

He has acorn, butternut, and butter bush varieties. They will be going outside today.

2016 Garden36

The acorn squash will be going in these three holes in front of the house

between the back step and the front deck.

These four holes will be the home for some of the butternut squash.

They are out past the corner of the shed and at the east end of the yard.

The butter bush will be planted along the fence line behind my clothes line,

but that area still needs the holes dug.

David has also been working on getting the shed stairs retaining wall finished.

He has the wall done.

He now has to back fill around it.

He has done an AWESOME job!

I have been working on getting a spot ready for my gladioli and one for the carrots.

( Gladiolus varieties 20 bulbs of Rainbow Bouquet and 10 bulbs Pretty Pinks)

I got the spot around the deck ready. I hope to start planting them soon.

I will be helping David get the squash planted today though.

This is the before and after shots of the spot for the carrots.

I think I will also plant my two early sprouting marigold plants in the corners.

(Marigold French Dwarf Double Mix variety will grow to 12 inches)

I also have some helichrysum sprouts that I will plant closer to the house just behind my decorative stick.

(Heichrysum Tall Double Mixed Colors variety will grow to 2 to 3 feet)

Until I am ready to transplant, the marigolds can sit on the deck and soak up the sun.

They are in the company of a couple of green bell pepper plants that were also started from seed indoors.

The peppers will be going in the backyard this year in the spot where

David thinned out the strawberry patch last fall.

It still needs more preparation before I can start transplanting.

At least I think they are green bell peppers. I also planted small sweet peppers, but my signs got wet and I moved some of the little peat pods around so I am not sure which they are.

The indoor garden.

I also have this planter of marigolds that I moved out onto the deck.

2016 Garden26

I have not decided if I will leave them in the planter or transplant them to various spots around the yard and garden spots.

I do have about ten more packets of seeds.

So I could just through those around too now that is warmer at night.

I might just stick to growing them in a planter then transplant. I am sure I would pick the thrown around ones as weeds because some of these weeds around here try to pretend they are marigolds when they first sprout.

I also found my little pansy or johnny jump up , which ever you prefer.

I weeded around him. Then put some more soil and this block of wood around him.

I think he grows there well because the corner is shady most of the day and when it rains

water seems to pool there.

He looks much happier.

smiley face

Well I will be off getting started right after a “quick” check of Facebook.

David’s Spring Cleaning Projects

And why I am glad he is doing one of them.


As I mentioned in previous posts, David has been able to get outside and work on projects.

He went out to the shed the other day to get the worm bedding for the worm box and he has not looked back since. He has been cleaning stuff out, reorganizing his urban prospecting inventory, and cleaning up the shed. I don’t have any before photos because it was a spur of the moment, spontaneous, got the motivation going project. 🙂

Here is what he has accomplished so far.

The other project that is occupying his time is building the retaining wall around the steps to the shed.

This is a photo of the shed stairs from a few years ago.

73 The step I fell down 2

I am glad that David is doing the work on them.

 I fell down these steps on November 22, 2011. I think I didn’t quite lift my foot enough over that retaining board in the front. I went down and fell to my knees and caught my side on the side board. It took me a bit to catch my breath before I could get my self back up. David and Nick were both right there neither of them saw me fall. I was able to walk bent over into the house. The pain was terrible and I could not straighten up. So David took me to the emergency room. The doctor checked me over. I had no broken ribs and nothing internal had been ruptured thank goodness. He asked how bad the pain was. I said it was worse than any pain relievers we had at home could handle. So he gave me a script.  I wrapped my ribs and went back to work after missing one day.

                                                                    73a My bruised ribbys day  3 My rib bruise 3 days after fall.

Ok, enough of that.

This is David’s progress on the retaining wall so far.

It’s An Alien Invasion,

They are everywhere!!!