A Little Bit of This and That


Computer Maintainance

Saturday (04/22/2017) morning I was going to get on the computer to do a few things. When I got over to it there was a note on it saying that the anti- virus program needed to be downloaded. I knew it would be ending soon. I clicked on the program button in the tray. It said it needed reactivated. Now this is Nick’s ( my son) laptop. I knew he did not want to renew the paid subscription. So the reactive choice seemed ok to do. I thought this would just revert it back to the free subscription. I pushed the reactivate choice. It loaded and of course the program needed to do a restart. I let it do that knowing I would not be doing any computer stuff. Nick has his laptop set with a password. I was not going to wake him at 8 am on a Saturday on his day off. So I had to find other things to do until he got up.

When he did get up and he put in his password.  I was concerned by reactivating it I may have actually bought the subscription again. When Nick checked the virus program it had just given a free 30 trial. So I was happy that I had not accidentally bought a subscription. 🙂 Whew!

Sully’s Saturday and a Photo Shoot

Well Sully had been begging at the door all morning. So one thing I could do was take him out for some outdoor time. I walked him around the house and then clipped him to the deck rail. He was able to eat his grass and sniff some catnip under the steps. While he was doing that I decided to take some snapshots of me modeling the new hat I finished crocheting the night before.

I did my modeling by the back of BOB. I took a few with my glasses on and some with my glasses off. The glasses off ones I am doing a whole lot of squinting. I was facing east. 🙂


After the photo shoot, I decided I would move some stuff out-of-the-way to get this flowerbed ready to dig.

When I took the picture I had already moved the window glass out of the bed. I then moved the lawnmower. Well after I did that I looked over at the deck. Sully was up on the deck scratching the rail support. Then he was at the door telling me that he was ready to go back in the house.

The Spring Cleaning of BOB’s Loft and Living / Dining Room

After I let Sully in I had lost my motivation to dig the flowerbed. The wind was a little chilly yet. I thought we were going to go fishing later in the afternoon. So I thought I would spend the morning cleaning up BOB. I started by taking down the curtains in the loft bed, the living/dining room and the storage area for fishing gear. I got the extension cord and the vacuum out. I vacuumed the loft bed. I put a queen sized fitted sheet over it. The curtains were now washed and dried so I began putting them back up. The loft ones are always fun. I tend to forget the low ceiling and bonk my head scooting around  to each window. The front window in the loft is on two rods, one that goes through the top of the curtain and one that goes through the bottom. I got them onto the rods and was trying to clip them to the brackets they would not connect. I had put the top rod through the wrong pocket on the curtain. So I had to take them off and rethread them through the smaller top pocket.

I then put all the extra bedding up on the loft. I stowed some other extra bedding under one of the bench seats and some extra dish towels and dishcloth. I was then able to get the sheet and pillow cases off the couch and took them in to wash. While those were going I vacuumed the couch and bench seats.

Oh, by the way when David got up at 9:30 I realized that this job was not going to be done by the afternoon. It turns out that was ok, because David told me we were not going fishing until Sunday. I guess I picked the right day to Spring Clean BOB!

I had an old sheet of plexi- glass that I broke to fit over the flow through in the storage area. I cut the extra bin lid to fit in the bottom of the storage area. I now had a neat tidy place to store all the pole holders, fishing net, fish stringer, tackle boxes, branch cutter, 3 pound hammer, flashlights and umbrellas,  and shovel. We use the branch cutter later in the season when our favorite spots start to get over grown. The hammer is for pounding the pole holders in the ground. We use the shovel to level out spots for our chairs or dig steps down the steep banks. I thought you might be wondering what we used those strange items for when we went fishing.

Now that all that was safely stored I went about putting the living/dining room curtains back up. My plan was to use some old plastic plumbing tube as curtain rods like I did for some of the other curtains. It was a fail as the windows were to long and the plumbing tube would sag down in the middle. 😦 So I had to put them up like I had them before with the rings placed over the end of the boards that use to hold the blinds.

I next vacuumed all of the carpet. I put the rug back down in front of the door and put the cooler back down on it in front of the storage area. Again, I did not get before photos as I had not planned to do this it was just a spur of the moment thing. I did get afters though.

The coach made up and the curtain up.

Update on the Moonflowers

They are opening up their leaves.



Sully Saturdays # 15: The Weather and Little Sisters Both are Unpredictable


The weather has been nice and the snow has all melted, so Mom has been able to take me outside. I was so ready when she asked if I wanted to go outside. I didn’t even want to wait to put my harness and leash on. Well actually it was Milly’s Pink leash. I broke the clip on my leash last year. Mom is still looking for a new clip. Once Mom had me all harnessed and leashed she opened the door. I made my way down the steps, dragging Mom behind me. She clipped me to the step rail and went about doing her stuff outside.

It is too early yet for any reasonable amount of catnip to be by the steps. So I had to be happy with just smelling and rubbing on last year’s dry stalks. When Mom was done doing her stuff, she unclipped me to take me for my walk around the house. I have not been for a walk all winter, so it was new to me again. When we approached the corner of the house that took us into the backyard, I stopped dead in my tracks and fluffed up my tail. Something in the backyard made me nervous and a bit scared. There was nothing Mom could see, so maybe I hear or smell something that she can’t. Mom gently coaxed me forward so I ran through the backyard. I was fine when we reached the end of the house. I continued on to the front yard at a happy little trot to the front deck, up the steps, and waited for Mom to open the door to go back in. As a treat for doing well on my walk, Mom found a small patch of green catnip and brought some in to me. I LOVE IT! I can’t wait for my patch by the steps to take off!

As you know I got a new little sister back in November. Her name is Little Kitty and she gets to stay in the house. My other sister Milly is the shed cat. Here I am with Milly during one of her house stays this winter. She was in a good mood that day and let me snuggle, cuddle, and give her kisses.

Any way Little Kitty and I are getting along for the most part. Mom will let her out after I have had my breakfast which can be any time between 4 am and 6 am, I am not always the reason Mom gets up at 4 AM. Sometimes she just can’t sleep any more and decides to get up on her own. Most days I get her up at 5:30 ish.

Little Kitty has to stay in her bedroom at night because she is still learning the house rules. She is still too hyper to be left to her own devices. She likes to get into the trash for one and she gets on the counters to lick the grease out of the pans that were used to cook supper, if Mom leaves them to wash until morning.

When she comes out of her room, she will run up to me for snuggles and kisses.


She is all sweet and nice for a little while then BAM! She is running up and down the house, jumping off of everything. She will run through the house, jump onto the cat tower, then leap off of it with such force she knocks it over or sometimes she pounces off it on to my head as I walk by it.

This action then takes us into the living room where the wrestling matches begin.

Naturally when she pounces on me I have to shove her off, hold her down, and give her some bites.

All the while she is kicking me in the chin and chest with her back feet.

It is no wonder my chin is all scabbed up.


All this rough housing with Little Kitty all winter has

helped me loose some of my extra weight.

Mom says she can actually see my hips again and my stomach doesn’t stick out

the sides as much when I lay in the loaf position.

This is the most recent photo of me.


Eventually I start to get tired after about an hour of this very physical play. It is time for me to take my morning nap, which usually last until lunch time. Little Kitty will go off keeping herself busy or Mom will keep her entertained for a while. She must get bored with that and Mom because around 10 AM she thinks I have rested enough and tries to get me to play again. She will come over to the big living room chair and paw at my head between the bars or jump up beside me paw me and jump back down expecting me to chase her. Well I am getting on in years and I need my full morning nap. So I will paw her on the head, she thinks she has gotten me to join her in play. So I then paw at her and hiss at her a bit. SHE DONT’ GET IT! Her cat mom must have never have yelled or hissed at her to teach her that this is a warning noise that means back off! She just keeps coming. I will try running away from her while hissing she thinks I am still trying to play and chases after me. Mom will hear me hissing, she will call me a grumpy old kitty, then she opens her bedroom door to let me in, she closes it again so Little Kitty can’t follow me in. Ahh, now I can finish my nap in peace. She knows that I have had enough of my little sister’s rambunctious, unpredictable ways!

Sully Saturday # 14


The day she came to us. November 21, 2016

The day she came to us. November 21, 2016

Well it is winter time so I mostly sleep all day, eat, and wake Mom up at ungodly hours to fill the food bowl again. I can’t go out by the step for catnip or my daily walk around the house. It is too cold and there is snow on the ground. It makes my paws cold.

Well one day in November Mom comes in with this little orange kitten. The kitten looks a bit beat up and skinny. She had a big scab on her nose. I don’t think I have seen a kitten since I was a kitten. My older cat sisters, Punky and Fiesty, may they rest in peace, with my family were both full-grown when I came to live with them. My younger cat sister, Milly was about 9 months old when she came to live with us after being left at the fishing ponds.

Little Kitty just showed up in the driveway one day. Mom said she was going to clean her up and get her some food and wait to see if the neighbor’s friend would take her in a few days. Dad didn’t want her to come in but Mom just brought her in any way. Dad said you are not going to name her. Well Mom was just calling her little kitty in a few days the kitten was coming to Mom. So that became her name and she is staying with us.

Well at first I didn’t know what to think. Little Kitty would come right up to me and brush up against my side and give me kitty headbutts. She seemed friendly enough. Not like her older sister Milly who hisses at me and smacks me to be mean.

So over just a few days Little Kitty and I are running through the house playing chase, wrestling, and smacking each other in fun. Mom says it is good for me to do this. She has notice I have lost some weight. So I guess having a new kitten sister is a great way to get exercise to help me lose some of my extra weight. I have even been playing more on my own since she has been here.

We have been having some really cold weather here of late. So Milly has been coming in from her shed. This is the second time she has been in. She is not at all friendly. Little Kitty thought she could play with her too. Milly was having none of that she would hiss and growl low in her throat at Little Kitty as soon as she saw her in the same room.

So Mom has been rotating them in and out of the spare room. So they each  can run about the house even if I am in the living room because I get along with both of them.

Well as you know kittens are just full of energy and are into everything. So Mom has to be vigilante in teaching Little Kitty the rules of being  a house cat. She is learning you don’t get on the table, counters, entertainment center, or the plant stand. Mom teaches this with the squirt bottle. The first couple of times she actually ran towards Mom instead of running away. It was kind of funny to watch. I still get the squirt bottle myself, Mom uses it on me when I get a bit to rough in my playing with Little Kitty and when I forget I am not suppose to get on the plant stand to look out the window. 🙂

Another thing she needs to learn is not to jump on people. She has jumped up on Mom’s legs several times claws out. Mom screams, OUCH! then grabs Little Kitty by the scruff and prys her off. This is what her cat mom would have done to show her she was being naughty. She has gotten much better, she did relapse yesterday and jumped up on Mom’s back while she was doing something at the kitchen counter. She was just really curious to find out what Mom was doing and just had to see.

All in all Little Kitty is a good kitten and I think she will be a good kitty once she is all trained up. Oh, she does have this one weird thing she does. She likes to move my water bowl away from the wall each time she gets a drink. Mom has to move it back. Little Kitty has moved it out in front of the refrigerator several times.

The photographic evidence.

The photographic evidence.


Sully Saturdays # 14


I really like my outside time. Mom and I have our routine of getting my jacket on and off down pretty good now.

She will ask if I want to go outside. I will run to the front door or jump down out of the big chair by the front door. I sit there patiently while she puts on my jacket. She tells me each step as we go.

Put your feets in the holes. Ok now I will sinche the Velcro around your chest, now the buckle through your collar too, and snap the lead to both loops.

Then I have to wait for her to open the door. I am so excited that I usually forget to step back so the door doesn’t hit me on the nose. Mom opens it slowly just for this reason. Now that I am on the deck I practically drag her down the steps. I just can’t wait to get sniffing my cat nip.

I will be happy just sitting and smelling. Mom goes off to water the garden or some other yard work. I sometimes get bored so she will move me over to the clothes line so I can lay in the grass for a while. Then it is back to the catnip. When she is done with her stuff she will come ask, “Are you ready to go in now, Sully?”

I will then run up the stairs and wait for her to open the door. Once inside I will lay on the floor while she undoes my jacket. She tells me the steps again.

I am unsnapping the leash clip from the loops. Now the black buckle. Ok the Velcro is undone.

The jacket falls off around my feet. Mom says that I can go now it is all undone. Some times she has to give me a little nudge cause I have had a bit much cat nip and I am slow on the uptake. 😛


Sully Saturdays # 13

Sully saturday banner

Well it is finally summer time. Mom has been taking me outside often now. I enjoy it very much. I like to eat the grass that grows near the steps. One day I ate too much and I puked it up. It smelled nasty so I buried it with some leaf litter from under the steps. Mom said that was gross, but then she saw that I buried it and said I was a good kitty. Another day though I was in the house and puked it up that was gross and I couldn’t bury it so Mom had to clean it up. She was not too upset she just wished I would have done it all in one spot instead of three.

I have decided I like being over in the grassy area. I can claw these two trees (as seen in the feature photo). It is fun. I don’t climb the trees though too big in the tummy for that now.

I surprised Mom one day, she was walking me over to the grassy area. I caught a whiff of something and went running up the drive way! Mom was not used to this. She was laughing at me because I tend to jiggle when I run. I found the spot on the driveway where the smell was coming from, it was kind of a sweet smell. I was rolling in the dirt and even licking it a bit. Mom decided that it was not a good thing for me to be doing because one of the old car thingys that parked there had a leaky radiator. So she dragged me away kicking and a screaming so to speak. She took me  back to the steps so I could eat grass and sniff catnip.

Other than that I tend to spend most days napping. Mom caught me napping one afternoon and decided I needed the blanket. Silly Mom I have fur. I think she did it for the cute photo myself.

Sully Saturdays # 13

Sully saturday banner


You may be wondering where I have been? Well, about three weeks ago on April 8, so Mom tells me, I don’t really have a good concept of this thing called time. I sprained my left front paw, so I have not been able to type.

How may you ask did I inflict such an injury upon myself? Well I was playing make the bed as seen in the video below. This video is from a different time I played. It is almost 5 minutes long you don’t have to watch it all.

I was all made up in the bed, I was done playing so I was trying to find my way out. I usually go out the top by the pillows. This time though I tried going out the side. Well my claw got stuck and I kinda did a flip, twisty thing before it came loose. Mom saw me land with a thud, she did ask if I was ok but as quick as I could I ran under the bed. You know us cats, we don’t like to let people know that we are hurt. I was walking out to the living room when Mom saw me. I was limping along. She was very concerned and had Dad check my leg and paw. He said that nothing was broken, that I probably sprained it pretty good. So for about a week I just slept in the  big chair in the living room as it was lower for me to get down easily. I did get up to eat and use the bathroom. Every day Dad would come over and give my leg a good massage. It felt good and helped ease the pain. After a week I was feeling well enough where I felt if I jumped up on Mom and Dad’s bed I would be able to jump down ok. So I went when Mom was just about to put down her crocheting. She was happy that I was well enough to come lay on her chest and get my skritches. I was really missing my skritches.

Sometime during the second week of my recovery Dad was doing some of his work in the shed. He brought Milly in so he could work with the door open. Well Milly smelled really nice and she was being so friendly. I just had to get down off my chair and roll around and play with her. Dad says this was good physical therapy and it got me out of the chair not sleeping all day. (Mom here, Sully is fixed and Milly is not, so no kittens will come of this physical therapy. :))

Well I am back to normal now. I am able to walk with out limping and I am more careful when I jump down from Mom and Dad’s bed. Mom was making the bed again the other day, as soon as I saw that was what she was doing I ran out of the room. I learned my lesson.  🙂

Sully Saturdays # 11

Sully saturday banner

Mom has been keeping her promise to take me outside more. I still am not too sure about going for the walks. I am trying to get use to wearing my vest and leash. I don’t like it. I don’t want to move in it. I want to just lie down. If I do walk in it I creep low to the ground in it. I am getting better though.

I really only want to go outside just to lay in the catnip at the bottom of the steps and chew on a bit of grass. Mom says I need to walk though to help me loose some of my tummy. So she lets me do this for a few minutes then she gives me tugs so I will walk around the yard with her.

On one of my outings Mom used another old leash and tied me to the handrail by the stairs. She didn’t think I wanted to go anywhere anyway. She did some leaf raking just around the corner from me. She looked over every few minutes to see that I was still ok. I got enough catnip so I thought I would be a little brave and smell around at other things. Well  I tugged enough and was able to escape my vest and leash. I was just going under BOB when Mom noticed I was loose. She came after me and was trying to pick me up. I stayed just out of reach. I was near BOB’s front tire when she almost had me. Then something startled me so I ran up the side steps. I waited for Mom to let me inside. That was enough outside for that day.

Mom says she is gonna try to crochet me a different kind of harness and leash. She is still thinking how she wants to go about it, though. She got some old key rings and some lanyards at the Senior Citizens Garage Sale a few weeks ago. She will use the rings,hook clips, and plastic snap thingys from them. She will get it figured out.

So any way Mom took a bunch of photos of me on one of my outings. It shows just how much I have been enjoying the catnip at the foot of the stairs.

Sully Saturdays # 10

Sully saturday banner


Today Mom dug out my harness and lead because I have been sniffing and looking at the doors to the outside.

She put my harness on me. I forgot how it felt to have it on but Mom said if I wanted to go outside I had to have it on. She set me on the ground. I looked around a bit and saw the neighbor guy. I didn’t know him or know what he would do so I ran under something familiar. That big noisy house car thing. Mom calls it BOB the RV. She says to me that she didn’t bring me out to hide under Bob so she gave me a little tug.

I decided I would go check out the front deck then. I was calming down because I found a bit a catnip to sniff. Mom didn’t let me do that for long she picked me up and put me in the grass under the clothes line.


Bob and the Grassy Area

Mom Sat me down in.

this is an old pic.

I sniffed around there for a few minutes and I found a dropped turkey feather. I gave it a couple of good sniffs. I was then distracted by the chickadee in the tree. This was all just too much excitement for me. I headed back over to the front deck and up the stairs to the front door. I wanted back inside. Mom rang the door bell so Dad unlocked it so we could come back in.  Mom says she will start taking me out in my harness and lead more often now that it is getting warmer. I think I can get used to it again so I can walk around the yard with Mom without having her tug me.

Can you believe I used to spend hours and hours outside, now it scares me.  I was made an inside cat, because I stayed outside all night long too many times and I was wandering across the county road getting way to close to the highway. So Mom and Dad decided it was time I became an indoor cat.

I have adjusted to being inside pretty well. I get to lay on Mom’s chest anytime and get scritches. I like when she does that. It makes me so happy I purr and purr like a motor boat what ever that is. And then I just can’t control myself I start to drool, I believe I have mentioned my drooling problem before. Mom was able to finally get you some photographic evidence of my problem on Thursday.

I also continue to assist Mom in her crocheting endeavors. Thursday she needed my help wrapping this skein of camo yarn into a ball. The skein was getting loose and prown to tangling.

Sully 75

After we got done with this Mom began working on a visor for my nephew Martin. He is that small baby thing I have only sniffed at once or twice.  Any way Mom just finishing it up about 4 hours later and I wanted my scritches so I laid down on her chest. She tied up the loose ends and weaved them in. She then decided I needed to model it since I was right there. Well you all recall how much I LOVE modeling…. NOT!

Sully 76

Sully Saturdays # 9 Two Baths In A Day!

Sully saturday banner


I was having a lovely day minding my own business on the bed enjoying the sunshine.

I thought it would be a nice spot to enjoy a warm bath also.


Mom comes in later and she says, “I am gonna give you a bath today, I have been telling you that you need one for a couple of weeks now. ”

I am thinking I just took a nice warm bath in the sunshine here. If you recall I came to live with my human family in March of 2006 I was probably about 4 to 6 months old. So I am getting on in age, around 10 years now. So like any aging person I have had trouble doing somethings now. I don’t jump as well as I did when I was younger. I am also not as flexible as I  once was. And yes I have gained some around my middle. Well because of that I can’t always reach my rear end to give it a proper cleaning. This is why Mom said I needed a bath.

So she grabs me up and takes me into the bathroom, she closes the door, now I have no route for escape. Now I have had this kind of bath before but it was a looooong time ago. She turns on the faucet thing to adjust the water temperature. She turns that other knob so the water is now coming out of the hand-held nozzle. Then she puts me in the tub. She does not plug it though. She learned a from experience not to do that. It makes us kitties think we are gonna drown. She starts to spray me down this is not so bad. Then she puts some soap on a wash cloth and starts to rub me down. This is when I start to cry and meow like she is killing me. If you recall Mom had told you that I mostly just squeak. But this was some serious stuff going on, so I found my “She is killing me” voice. Well I tried to get out of there but Mom had a good grip on my scruff. I did get a claw into her shoulder pretty good. Then I just kept grabbing her shirt every chance I could. She gently removed my claws from her shoulder and her shirt.

That is when Dad came in to see what was all the ruckus. He then knelt down beside Mom and petted my head. He was telling me I was ok talking to me to comfort me and calm me down. Mom finished scrubbing me and rinsed me off. She then wrapped me in two towels and rubbed me dry as best she could. Then she let me out of the bathroom.

I went out into the kitchen and had a bit to eat. That helped me calm down some more. Then I sat in a spot of sunshine and dried my feet. I was a bit mad at Mom for this bath experience. So I went back to the bedroom to be alone for a while. Mom came back later and put me on my window table and brushed me. It helped my fur dry and it felt good. It also helped me forgive Mom for the bath. I know have soft, nice smelling fur.


Sully Saturdays # 8

Sully saturday banner

Working on Wednesdays

I have been helping Mom out a lot lately. The last two Wednesdays I have been especially helpful.

Last Wednesday I was helping Mom will she was computering on the laptop. I jumped up on her lap. I was making sure she was doing it right. She thought I wanted some attention. (Which I did but can’t let on that I did cause you know, I am a cat.) So she starts petting me and giving my neck and chin some scritches. I have a  problem when I get scritches I start to drool because it just feels sooo good. Well then she hit that spot that causes me to flick my head because it was feeling just a bit too good. Yep, you guessed it, I flung that drool all over the laptop keyboard.

Mom says, ” Sully! Eww! Yuck! ” but she was laughing as she said it. She knew it was her fault for scritching me in that one spot. She then set me down on the floor and got a napkin and wiped down the keyboard.

The Wednesday before that I was helping Mom hold down this yarn. It was just not staying still, moving all over the place. Mom wasn’t going to get any crocheting done with it doing that. So you see I was very helpful.