I bought these moonflower seeds on clearance last fall. I had never heard of them or never seen them to the best of my knowledge. The reason I bought them is while walking to the park several times last summer with Kay and Marty we would pass this one yard that had these huge flowers that looked a lot like morning glories. I mean the flowers were as big as my hand. I thought these moonflowers might be them. I read the package and discovered that they bloom at sunset, so they could not have been the flowers we passed in that yard. I got them anyway because they looked a lot like morning glories and they would vine to 12 to 15 feet tall and so the flowers would be big too.

I did a little research on them this morning, there is not much info about them. One thing I learned was that they are poisonous especially the seeds. If I remember correctly, so are morning glories. They are pretty drought resistant which will be good for my area. I am also planning to transplant them under the west and south bedroom windows which get quite hot because the sun reflecting off the aluminum siding.

They are supposed to be very fragrant too. I am thinking these will bring the humming-bird moths around. I have seen one on occasion since I have now started planting flowers. I bet the butterflies out and about in the early evenings may even enjoy them.

One other thing  I learned was that you should soak the seeds in warm water over night before planting. I did this as it was a tip on the back of the package. I started them off in these peat pots and some potting soil. So now we will wait and see if they will sprout.

So my fellow gardeners, have you any advice or experience with these giants of the flower garden?

Oh, here is another question for you, do you have another species of night bloomers in your flower garden?



Fruits, Flowers, Flutterbies, and a Toad

Well all our hard work is starting to bare fruits.

The strawberries are June barers so they have been producing flowers and fruits for sometime now.

The next plant that is starting to bare fruit is the butter bush squash.

This variety is similar to the butternut squash, but the plant is staying more bush like rather then vining out. The squash are going to be a bit smaller too from what David read about them.

2016 Garden123

                                                      The start of a butter bush squash.


This is where a good-sized toad has taken up residence in the hill hole of one of the plants. It moves around to different spots and buries itself. It has been there for over a week now. I am wondering if it is a female burying her eggs there because we are keeping the soil there fairly moist. This is ok with us all bad bug eaters are welcome in the garden. If it is a she laying eggs we will have an army of toads for pest control. 🙂

The tomatoes have begun to produce also. These were just a little bigger than peas.2016 Garden128

The original Johnny Jump Up is still alive but he is no longer making flowers.

The little Johnny Jump Ups are doing well.

One is right up against the house skirting.

The other is out among the grasses.

The marigolds out by the yellow summer squash are beginning to flower. They are a bit stubby. They get direct sun most of the day and the soil may not be the best for them, but they are still growing.

On the 23 rd I removed all the radishes as all they did was go to seed.

I turned the soil again, raked it out, and planted the last of my gladiolus bulbs there.

I also weeded and turned the soil in the carrot patch.

I then planted more carrots in rows and covered them with wet pine shavings litter.

The marigolds in this area are growing big and bushy, but have not started to put on flowers yet.

The helichrysum are starting to bud, no full open flowers yet.

There are many different flutterbies in the garden.

I have not been able to get photos of all of them.

They just don’t sit still long enough.

I got some nice shots of this orange one the other day.

These  photos are from the past but these types are still coming to the garden.

We also have some little white ones, which David calls cabbage butterflies, because the were around the cabbage we grew many years ago.

There are some little yellow ones too. I saw about six of them today sucking up water after I watered the yellow summer squash.

These and the white ones are the ones that won’t sit still for a photo shoot.

Recent Critters Around the Yard

We have had some nice visitors to the yard in the past few weeks also, not just that murderous raccoon.

First up is this little bird. He was hanging out near the trees that my clothesline is on. I never was able to identify him for sure, but I think he may be some sort of small wren. He also would hang out under the wood pallet that David has over near the burn barrel. He moved in the first photo, little bugger. 🙂

Next we have this cute little moth. I saw him on the window one morning when I looked out.

Moth on the window

One morning I heard this fella tapping out a beat on the tree.

I nice little Downy woodpecker.

I still am hearing him so he is staying around.

Downy woodpecker

Last evening as he was getting his bicycle off the deck to go for a ride, my son, Nick saw this guy slither under the car ramps we have by the deck steps. So if you have a thing with snakes don’t look at the next two photos.

He is a very good-sized bull snake. He probably is over 4 feet long. I took the second photo as he was slithering along the house. I was standing on the back steps as he slithered out from under them. I almost didn’t get his full length, he was moving pretty fast. He then continued around to the back yard along the house. We have an old cat carrier sitting up against the skirting blocking a hole. He slithered into the carrier and David shut him in. David went out later to let it out but it had all ready found a way out. There must have been a hole in the carrier that it found after it calmed down and we were not chasing it.

And those are a few of the critters that we meet in our yard.

David’s Day

David spent a good part of yesterday doing little jobs here and there around the garden spots.

First thing he did was clean and partially fill the stock tank. I guess he is hoping the fishing gets better and we can start filling it with bait and keeper catfish. Also if we just catch one or two a fishing trip it is easier to put them in the tank until we get enough to make a meal. It is better than cleaning them one or two at a time and having them take up room soaking in the refrigerator for a week or longer.

2016 Garden117a

I then heard the lawnmower running out back.

He mowed around the strawberry, pepper, and tomato patch.

2016 Garden118a

The yellow summer squash and marigold area was mowed around.

He also weeded the dirt pile to the east and then watered it and moved it around in preparation for making new mounds for I believe turnips or parsnips.

2016 Garden119a

He also weeded out this area at then end of the house.

It was taken over by cheat grass. You know, the kind that puts those pokey little seeds in your socks.

He still has a bit left to do there. 2016 Garden120a

The final job of the day as it got toward evening and the sun was not beating down.

He set the nails in this side of the framing for the new storm door.

He scrapped off the extra wood filler.

I snapped this while he was putting on a coat of paint.

He also painted the top piece after I had taken the photo.

2016 Garden121a

So there you have it Dave’s Day.

So It Was 100 Degrees Yesterday

Only the low 80’s Today.

Yesterday was the hottest day so far in my neck of the woods. And no one was prepared or accustomed to this kind of heat yet. You know how I know? The power went out for an hour and a half at the peak hot part of the afternoon from just before 3 pm until 4:30 pm. WE WERE ALL DYING!   X_X

So needless to say I put off the weeding for one more day.

This morning it was a pleasant 69 degrees at 9:30 am. So instead of sitting at the computer playing Facebook games I got to doing that weeding. My pepper patch and the strawberries finally got their weeding. The little marigold seedlings got weeded also. They are doing well, still a bit stubby. After their weeding all plants were given a healthy drink of water.

The little Marigolds at the edge of the summer squash patch.

The little Marigolds at the edge of the summer squash patch.

You remember how Johnny Jump – Up went through an ordeal, he didn’t fully recover like I thought he would. No, no don’t be too sad, I found Junior this morning when I was wandering around getting things for weeding!

This just in… David was out looking at Junior and found 2 more baby Jump – ups possibly a third!


Johnny Jump - Up's son.

Johnny Jump – Up’s son.

I now have 9 gladiolus from my first planting and 6 from my second planting coming up . The radishes are just being skinny leafy things. I did pick a nice round red one. My son ate it.

I transplanted two nice marigolds from starter peat moss pod into these nice clay pots and they grew into these healthy plants.

They looked so cute I decided not to transplant them outside. They have now started flowering!

And last but not least, David did some more prep work on the new storm door for the front entrance. It was cool this evening before it got dark. He sanded down some of the frame-work to get it ready to paint. He then had to put wood filler in and around it. Whoever put in this door frame must have had a broken level. The thing is so catty wampy, that is the reason for the filler.

Sully Saturdays # 13

Sully saturday banner

Well it is finally summer time. Mom has been taking me outside often now. I enjoy it very much. I like to eat the grass that grows near the steps. One day I ate too much and I puked it up. It smelled nasty so I buried it with some leaf litter from under the steps. Mom said that was gross, but then she saw that I buried it and said I was a good kitty. Another day though I was in the house and puked it up that was gross and I couldn’t bury it so Mom had to clean it up. She was not too upset she just wished I would have done it all in one spot instead of three.

I have decided I like being over in the grassy area. I can claw these two trees (as seen in the feature photo). It is fun. I don’t climb the trees though too big in the tummy for that now.

I surprised Mom one day, she was walking me over to the grassy area. I caught a whiff of something and went running up the drive way! Mom was not used to this. She was laughing at me because I tend to jiggle when I run. I found the spot on the driveway where the smell was coming from, it was kind of a sweet smell. I was rolling in the dirt and even licking it a bit. Mom decided that it was not a good thing for me to be doing because one of the old car thingys that parked there had a leaky radiator. So she dragged me away kicking and a screaming so to speak. She took me  back to the steps so I could eat grass and sniff catnip.

Other than that I tend to spend most days napping. Mom caught me napping one afternoon and decided I needed the blanket. Silly Mom I have fur. I think she did it for the cute photo myself.

Bucket Hats All Around!

I made this cute little fishing bucket hat some time ago for Martin.

121Martin's Fishin Hat 12-18 months colored

Martin’s Fishing hat for when he gets bigger.


I found another pattern for a men’s sized pattern for a bucket hat that I liked.

So I made one for Justin and one for Kay that matched Martin’s.

They will all look so cute when they are out fishing!

This is the pattern I used for all the adult sized bucket hats.

Men’s Summer Bucket Hat by Sara Sach from Posh Pooch Designs

First up is Justin’s Hat.

HOOK USED: I/9 – 5.50 mm

Stitches: Double crochet, single crochet and slip stitch

Colors: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo in 0334 Buff

Red Heart Super Saver in 0365 Coffee

Both yarns are 100% acrylic 4 ply worsted weight.

The pattern for the cord and little fishy were from this pattern.

Chameleon Hat Gone Fishin’ by Maria Bittner from Pattern Paradise

Now Kay’s Hat.

Colors: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo in 0334 Buff

0575 Hyacinth Red Heart Super Saver accent

I added a ruffle to her hat

by doing * sc in next 5 sc,  5sc in one sc repeat from * around.

And finally my hat.

Colors: Two used medium balls of unlabeled cream/off white I got from my mother.

0779 Cranberry Red Heart Super Saver accent

I also did a ruffled trim on my hat in the same fashion as Kay’s.

49c My Bucket Hat

I asked Nick and David if they wanted bucket hats.

Nick is not really much of a hat wearer and he doesn’t fish, but I asked anyway.

David is happy wearing his camouflage cap with the built-in light in the bill for fishing.

It is great for all the night fishing we do.

Elaine’s Summer Visor

I also started and finished a summer visor for her.

I love this pattern it works up quick and easy.

Summer Visor By: Tia Davis from Craftown

Hook: H/8 – 5.00 mm

Colors: Another ball of unlabeled light pink from my never-ending stash of pink.

Red Heart Confetti 2.5 oz 100% acrylic 4 ply worsted in

55 Lollipop Print


Red Heart Super Saver 5 oz. 100% acrylic 4 ply worsted in

0254 Pumpkin

0324 Bright Yellow

3620 Glowworm

I only did 5 rounds of the band, four in pink and one in lollipop print. Fastened it off.
Then slip stitch pink in position to do the brim.Fastened off.
I then slip stitched around the brim with lollipop continued around the bottom of band in single crochet. Fastened off.
I single crocheted around the top of band with glowworm.
I joined orange between rounds 2 and 3 slip stitched around fastened off.
I joined bright yellow between rounds 4 and 5 slip stitched around fastened off.

I still have the 7 rounds for the band that were called for in the pattern by doing the single crochet rounds around the top and bottom and they have a nice edge.

42d Elaine's visor

I hope she enjoys wearing it while she tends her flowers on the patio or taking a walk.

My Stepmom’s Kindle Fire 8 Cover in Progress


I am continuing to make gift items for family members. My stepmom was next on my list. I soon as I saw this pattern I knew I was going to make it for her. So the other day I chatted with her on Facebook to find out what colors she favored. I also wanted to get her input on what other items I could crochet for her. I was pretty sure she was not much of a hat wearer. I thought she did at least wear one when she tended her flowers on the patio. So she agreed that I could also make her a Visor like the one I made for me.

This is the link for the pattern I used the adult size one.

Ok, so back to the Kindle Fire cover. I used the

Free Crochet Pattern: Crochet iPad Cover

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice # L20114

Hook used:

H/8 – 5.00 mm


16 stitches = 4 inches
in single crochet (U.S.)
Colors used:
Red Heart Super Saver in 3862 Jade (blueish green)
and one of the balls from my never-ending stash of pink.
I will also be making a liner using the blue, purple, and pink splotchy fabric pictured in the fourth photo below.


The pattern stated a G/6-4.00 mm hook or hook to obtain gauge. I needed to use the H/8 – 5.00 mm to obtain the gauge.
The Kindle Fire 8 is the one my stepmom has it measures 8.4 inches by 5 inches so I did not do all the rounds. I just kept measuring until I had obtained these measurements. It is smaller than the measurements for the pattern’s iPad cover.

Uncommon Birds to Our Area That We Have Sited.

Another post idea courtesy of Helberg Farm Stories I had to dig some of these photos up on the external back up hard drive that we have to back up the computers. lol

Rocky Mountain Blue Bird

This is the first time I have been able to capture these little fellows. My husband has seen them several times. He tells me they are there but they have flown off by the time I get the camara. When they do show up it is early spring and just for a few minutes never see them the next day.

Orchard Oriole

I captured a photo of this fellow at the ponds in July of 2014. I thought he was a robin until he started “singing”.

I think they actually stay for a while in the summer at the ponds.

Orchard Oriole

Western Tanager

I got this one in June of 2013. It was really windy that day, so he probably thought the bushes in the backyard would be a good spot to rest. These bushes were low to the ground. Even then the wind was blowing him around. So that explains the blurry photos. That and I was taking them through the window of the back door. I didn’t want to open it and frighten him away.

David has also seen humming birds several times, but they are long gone before he even has a chance to tell me he saw them.