Sully Saturdays # 4


Sully saturday bannerWhen I left you last time I told you about one of my hunting adventures. I know it didn’t end well, Mom didn’t approve. I was just showing her how well I was doing in my hunting lessons with Punky.

I didn’t always know how to hunt I was just a little kitten when I arrived at Mom’s home. When I would play outside, the girl’s cat, Punky was a lot nicer to me. She would play chase with me. One day she saw me chasing bugs around, pouncing on them, and eating them. She said I was doing pretty well with hunting bugs, but could I catch mice. I said no never caught a mouse. So she decided to take it upon herself to teach me to hunt “big game”.

So I started to follow her around outside at first I would just watch from a distance. She would catch a mouse or bank vole. They are similar to a mouse but have short tales. They lived by the creek that ran behind the house. She would bring it to me alive, so I could practice chasing, catching, and releasing it again and again. That is what kittens do when first learning to hunt it is a game to them.

Punky continued to teach me everything she knew about hunting even the part where you eat your kill. Once she was confident in my new-found hunting skills, she retired. She left all the hunting to me. She took to just relaxing in the sunshine on the porch. She passed away in 2011. I miss her from time to time she was a good teacher.


Punky on the porchPunky relaxing in the sunshine.






Our First Fishing Jaunt of 2015

Well  I purchased our fishing licenses last week online. So today was the first day we had free to put them to use. We live just a short jaunt from the city dam ponds that provide water for town. It is used for watering the parks and stuff like that. We set up in one of our favorite spots that we call ” The Christmas tree” I got my pole rigged up with a good size weight, steel leader, and a hook with a worm on it of course. I cast the line out and the waiting began. I waited. Oh, some more waiting. Not even a nibble. So I went across the road to another spot that David calls ” The Perch Hole”. I cast out my line and waited. Then I did some more waiting. Again not even a nibble. So I packed it up and put my gear back in BOB’s storage bin for the fishing gear. David did not have any luck either. So he packed it up too. That is usually how our first fishing trip of the year goes. We can at least say we got out and gave it a go. The weather was nice,we get to feel the sun on our faces, and the wind at our backs.