Out With The Olde and In With The New Part 2: Making The Insides


This is the part that involves using my trusty olde sewing machine. I had to make a new bobbin for this project, I needed it to be yellow. It had been awhile but I remembered how to do it. Once I got a new bobbin wound with the proper thread I had to switch out the blue one and put in the yellow one. It usually takes me several tries to do this, not this day. IT ONLY TOOK ME TWO! Yeah! for me! I then put on a spool of blue thread as my machine color to blend with the material for the inside of the cover. You have to think about things like this when sewing. You don’t want yellow on your blue or blue on your yellow.  🙂

This first gallery of photos takes you through the steps of sewing in  the material, cardboard, and foam piece.

29 Kindle liner19

29 Kindle liner20

This gallery of photos takes you through the steps to put in the fasteners that will hold the kindle in place.

31 Kindle in use

32 Kindle on the shelf

Martin’s First Halloween Costume

by Grandma Arlene

28b Martin's Halloween CostumeThis the whole ensemble.

The beanie.

I just crocheted a small tube for the stem. slip stitched  one end closed then stuffed it with cotton.

Then I slip stitched it to the top of the beanie.

The eyes and nose are craft felt that you can buy in squares at Wal-Mart.

I used black on the outside and white to back the inside.

They were sown on with black thread.

The mouth is black yarn stitched on with tapestry needle.

The beanie is half double crochet.

The Mittens

I crocheted a cuff using half double crochet.

I then did a round of half double crochet then 2 increasing roundsof half double crochet.

Then slip stitched the opening closed.

6b Martin's Halloween Costume colored

The booties.

I found this pattern in a Kindle book.

3 Book Bundle on Amazon.

Crochet Beginners Guide

Crochet Stitches Beginners Guide

and Beginners Guide to Crochet Patterns

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