Three Mornings In A Row We Had The Snow


I took this first group through the windows. That is why some of them look a bit blurry because of condensation on the windows. I was not going out in it. The turkeys had to be out in it. They had their feathers all fluffed up to help stay warm though. This snow was melted by the end of the day.


Day two’s snow amount was a bit more than the first day and it also was mostly gone by the end of the day. I again took the photos through the windows. I got a totally awesome shot of the two trees with their leaves and the field and pine trees behind them.


The third day had the largest snow amount. This snow also was almost gone by the end of the day. It was the warmest of the three days also, reaching a high of around 51 degrees. These photos were taken outside. I had to go out to take care of Milly the Shed Cat. I took photos of the fields south of the house again and east of the house.


I also took photos of my poor flowers covered in snow. The petunias were still looking good at the end of the day. They are some hardy flowers. The marigolds are also still hanging in there. I was surprised to see that the asylum were still ok. They are such as cute and dainty flower.


An Inspiring Day Of Fishing

October 27, 2016


Fishing was very slow, so I got my camera out and kept my self busy catching photos.

I caught these photos of some young tree ents. We don’t fish this spot on the pond often, last time we  were here the trees were fully leafed out so it was hard for me to see that they were indeed tree ents.

They looked wonderful in color! I thought they would also look great in monochrome. I think I was right!

I had to get some photos of my first catch of the day. A cute little bullfrog. He was in the leaf litter near the bank. I nearly stepped on him filling the bait bucket with water. I kept him in the bucket so if my daughter and grandson stopped by I could show it to them. I released him around 5:00 pm. They stopped about an hour after I let him go.

The coots were really close to me today. They were doing alot of diving so I could not get a good photo of them.

I was watching some water bugs swimming along the bank. Eight of them would race along wiggling back and forth in a single file line. As I watched four of them broke away and began square dancing. I kid you not! The individuals would spin in a circle while spinning around with the other 3 in a circle. Then they would swim off and catch up with the others racing along the bank.  I didn’t take photos they would never have stayed in frame or focus. They were just too fast!

I was sitting on the bench thinking of all these things I have been watching when a poem started forming in my mind.

I had to get it down on paper. I would never remember it all until we got home. It was a good thing I kept Post It Notes and pens in a pouch on my chair in BOB.

You can view the poem and the rest of the photos here.

A Fall Day of Fishing

Sunday October 25, 2015

Fall fishin photo 1

Fall foliage across the pond from me.

Fall fishin photo 4

My view from my fishing chair.

This photo was taken with the vivid setting on my camera.

Fall fishin photo 5

The view to my right from my fishing chair.

Also taken with the vivid setting on my camera.

Fall fishin photo 3

Nature’s Boat

This is zoomed in but I forgot to pay attention to the reading of how much it was zoomed.

Hole in the Net

A Hole in the Net

This was put there by the first pike of the day that David caught.

David brings in the big Pike

David bringing The Larger Pike into the House.

This is the pike that put the hole in the net.

Pikes in the Bath Tub

Pike in the Bath Tub

David put them in the tub while we had some supper.


David showing off his two new additions that bring this year’s big fish total to 13!