REVIEW OF: Butch Cassidy RV Park and Campground Salina, Utah

Date of stay: October 12 and 13, 2014

We had planned to stop in Springville, Utah on the 12th. We departed from Evanston,Wy. around 2pm that afternoon as it was only around 100 miles to Springville. We were going to stay at East Bay RV Park that was listed in our “Escapees’ Travel Guide 2014”. Well when we found the place it had KOA signs up. So David went in to see what the rates were and stuff. He came back to the RV and told me that the park had been sold, taken over by KOA, and no longer accepted Escapees Member discounts. The overnight rate for our rig with no KOA membership would be 50 bucks. That was a little steep for us. So being that it was still early in the afternoon, we decided just to continue on  to Ephraim, Utah. Well we missed that exit, so just kept on going to see where this drive would finally end.

It is early evening now. There are no parks listed in our guide for this area. So I set the Tom Tom GPS device to look for campgrounds along our current route. Well Tom Tom came up with this little gem.

We had to check ourselves in as it was nearly 8pm. So that meant filling out the registration card, place money in envelope, and drop it in the after hours box.

We picked a pull thru site, they are so much easier to get in and out of.

It was quiet had no troubles going to sleep.

The next morning we made use of the showers. They were clean and hot.

We also did the laundry. The washers were top loaders. The dryers were the big commercial type found in laundry mats. The washers were a dollar and the dryers were 25 cents for 7 minutes. They were good dryers got very hot so only cost 50 cents a load to dry.

The outdoor pool was drained for the winter, but it looked nice.

There was also wild life as we had some turkeys not 6 feet from the bedroom window in the morning.

Tom strutting his stuff for Henny.

Tom strutting his stuff for Henny.

All in all it was a nice little park. I would stay again if we ever go through that way again.

Here is the link to their web page:

The Journey to Meadview, Arizona Facebook Posts As We Traveled

October 4 post
Now that my daughter’s wedding is over David and I can concentrate on our next big event. I have been helping my husband get our RV ready for our move south for the winter. We have decided to be snowbirds. We are going to Arizona to do some metal detecting for gold, fishing, sight seeing, and just plain relax. We never had a honeymoon so we will call part of it that too.We are planning to begin our trip on the 10th at the earliest or the 12th at the latest. I plan to take lots of pics and try to post as often as I can find WiFi hot spots. We plan to return to Nebraska in the spring sometime in April.

october 10 post
Well the Journey began today at 3pm. We have stopped at RV World Campground in Rawlins, Wy. Will keep ya posted. goodnight all!
October 10, 2014
We left Chadron around 3:30pm. We drove until we reach Orin Wy to fill up with gas.We continued on from there thru Casper, Wy finally stopping for the night in Rawlins, Wy. We stayed at RV World Campground. They had WiFi so I was able to give you that quick update before we hit the hay for the night. It was after 9pm, so that was a long haul for one day of driving.

October 15 post
October 11, 2014
We were up at 5 am this morning. Got dressed and headed to a gas station to fill up. This was the cool car we saw at the station. Can you see the unusual thing about it?

This is a 1955 Caddy. The station owner and his son built it in 1964. Rawlins, Wyoming.

This is a 1955 Caddy. The station owner and his son built it in 1964. Rawlins, Wyoming.

We are driving along and it is still dark at this hour of the morning so we have our headlights on. We are about 50 miles from Rock Springs, Wy when we see the red and blue flashing lights. We are being pulled over! The state trooper asks for Dave’s license and registration. He tells us that the tail lights are not working properly and we are weaving over the white line. He takes Dave’s stuff back to his car to run it through the computer. He comes back and tells us we can get the lights fixed up head. Dave tells him that when the semis go by him they push him. The trooper is ok about that. So no fix it ticket or anything else just verbal warnings. He was a nice officer. So we continue on our way.


The tunnel through the mountain in Green River, Wyoming

Outside of Green River Wy. we get to go through a mountain tunnel. I love going through tunnels!! Watch the video “Tunnel Vision” in My Videos tab.
We continue on north of Evanston,Wy near Ft. Bridger,Wy Exit 34 we see a wind farm. We also see another one 5 miles from Evanston.

The wind farm.

The wind farm.

This is also where we see a semi rig transporting two Stargates Kay Toof, Justin Toof, and Nick Didier. Sorry didn’t get a pic was too surprised to see them and then they were passed us. We finally make it to Evanston. We stayed at the Wal-Mart parking lot. We discovered there that we had to totally replace the tail light system. I had to have my glasses fixed at the vision center there. The lens popped out and I could not find the screw. Kyle, the vision center supervisor was friendly and helpful. He replaced the screw,tightened all the other ones, and clean the lenses. I was not charged for any of it. Dave bought new tail lights. We spent the evening replacing them. We had to make sure we connected each wire to the correct one from the RV. We got it all figured out and now we have properly working tail lights. We also bought new back up lights but we decided to mount those when we are some place we plan to stay awhile.

October 12, 2014
We were up by 6:30 am. Fixed breakfast, fed Sully. He is our cat. He is doing pretty good. He doesn’t like the sound of the engine or the feel when we are moving so he hides under the blankets of the bed. Once we stop, I uncover him and tell him we have stopped for the night. He comes out and explores. He sat and looked out the windows watching all the big rigs go by in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Evanston. He is getting better each day.

We woke up to wind and snow! We don’t like to drive when it is really windy or snowing for that matter. We stayed inside and played cribbage until the afternoon. We went outside and caulked around the new tail lights to hold them in place better. Then we packed up and tidied up. We got gas and left Evanston headed for Springville, Utah. On our way to Springville we had to travel a curvy mountain road. We also went pass the exit for Promatory, Utah. This is where the golden spike was driven when the west railroad met the east railroad was finished. In the movies they always portray this area as a desert. From what I saw it would have been in a mountain pass or valley. That’s HOLLYWOOD for ya!

As I was watching all these mountain sides go by I happen to look up to see a small herd of sheep with a sheep dog tagging along behind them keeping them in line. I thought it was cool. We finally reach the Springville, Utah RV park that we planned to stay at. Only to find out that it was no longer an Escapees RV Club park, but a KOA campground. We are not a KOA member so the camp site would have cost 50 dollars for a night. So we decided to just move on down the highway it was just late morning so there was plenty of daylight left. We decided we would go to Ephriam, Utah. We took a wrong exit and ended up several miles south of Ephriam. So we continued on to a little town called Salina. It didn’t have a Escapees campground. So I used the TomTom GPS that we got from Kay and Justin for last year’s anniversary to find a nearby campground. It directed us to Butch Cassidy’s Campground. We got a site and fixed dinner then hit the hay.
October 13, 2014
Wake up time 6 am. I got up and started coffee. It felt pretty chilly so I looked at the thermometer we have in the RV. It said it was 39 degrees. I guess it was a little bit closer to the freezing side. I got coffee made and then cooked breakfast. Dave decided he would make use of the shower rooms at the park just to go get warmed up. He also visited with the park office lady. She was a nice Chinese lady. She told Dave she was hard of hearing. Dave said he was use to repeating himself cause my wife is too. While he was doing that I tidy up and did the dishes. Dave came back and was looking out the bedroom window where he saw two turkeys not more than six feet from the RV. So I went and grabbed the camera and got these nice photos. Dan Scherbarth how about them turkeys!IMG_2317

After taking the photos, I gathered my things and headed over to the shower room myself. It was great to get a nice hot shower. When I got back to the RV Dave and I gathered up the laundry and went to the campground laundry. Went back to RV battened down the hatches, drove to the gas station and headed to Richfield, Utah. We stopped at the Wal-Mart there. We purchased eggs, cream cheese and milk.
We were going to go to Joseph, Utah next. There is a gold claim there. Dave thought we would go ahead to Junction, Utah and stay at an Escapees RV park then back track to the claim the next day. Weeelll, that planned changed after went down another twisty curvy mountain road. He didn’t want to drive back up that to get to the claim.

So here I am typing this up at the Junction RV park, it is a nice park with 8 sites. When the camp host came over with the paper work for us to fill in. He said the park would close for the season on the 15th so it was a good thing we decided not to go to Joseph it may have been closed by the time we got here. Dave and I spent the afternoon hooking up the septic hose to drain the tanks, plugging in the electric, and then we played cribbage. We ate some dinner, looked at photos and movies I had taken so far on the computer. Dave also put weather-stripping on the RV door. We also filled water jugs.

Speaking of the computer and photos. I had to remove the wedding pics from my camera cause I was making a movie and it said I had filled the memory card. So in the process of doing this I somehow slid that tiny little button over to lock the card so I was freaking. I was not going to do any more pics. But I figured out it was that button so no worries. Well Dave says it is his bed time and we need to shut all this electrical stuff before bed just to be safe. So good nite all !!

October 14
Left Junction Ut. around 9:30 am. Traveled to Mesquite, Nevada stopped at the Wal-Mart and picked up a few groceries. Bob the Rv was running a little warm so we just hung out in the parking lot so he could cool down after his trip up and down The Virgin River Gorge. See the video “The Virgin River Gorge, Arizona” in My Videos tab. Continued on to Crystal, Nv let Bob cool down for a couple of hours while we wait for Los Vegas rush over to get over. When we got to Vegas we decided to just continue on to Boulder City Nevada. We took a wrong turn. We stopped a Neighborhood Wal-Mart to let Bob cool down and find where we needed to back track 2 miles.
Well we got back on the right track and made it to Boulder City. We stopped at an Albertson’s to ask directions to the 2 Rv parks listed on the TomTom. A nice cashier set us on the right path and she also suggested the Elks Club cause they have an RV park. The 2 rv parks were full. So we tried the Elks. David talked to a bar steward named Colleen. She could see that he was very tired. She said I know you are not an Elks member and we do have spaces. So she sponsored him. We got a space!! A big thanks out to you Colleen. I love the Elks Club! They also helped my parents get me to Lincoln for my hips when I was a toddler.

October 15
We are up at 6:04 am. I get the coffee going. We visit with a fellow RV er . A retired gentleman from Alaska headed for Tucson Arizona. David has figured that our fan clutch needs replaced that is why Bob keeps running a little hot. We head on over to an Auto Zone. Spend from 830 am to 1130 am fixing that. While at the Auto Zone I got pictures of 2 cool cars, a customize jalopy and a Mercurey montego MX.

The back of the jalopy.

The back of the jalopy.

I asked the owner of the jalopy if I could take this picture when he was leaving the Auto Zone store.

I asked the owner of the jalopy if I could take this picture when he was leaving the Auto Zone store.


The Mercury Montego

Our next stop was the mining supply store to buy a Desert Fox automatic panning machine. We then headed forMeadview RV Park. We made it here at about 3:15 pm!!!!!!!yipeee!!! Well Dave wants to do someinterneting, now. And I need to get some supper cooked.

The panning machine.

The panning machine.

Ok it is 8pm later. When we were registering at the RV park, David asked the clerk if Bill and Linda from the prospecting blog we read were here. It is how David found this RV park. He said they should be here tomorrow. It is cool when you can actually meet people you see on blogs. So hopefully we will get to meet them.

October 26 post
Ok couldn’t sleep so here is the play by-play or day by day.

October 16

Started the day making coffee, breakfast and tidied up. Then it was off to take a shower. Got all the way to the shower room and partially undressed when I see that it is a pay shower. I had to go back to the RV to get some quarters. It only was a 9 minutes shower so I did all my soaping quickly didn’t want it to shut off while I still had shampoo in my hair. I did it with time to spare, so I just shut it off. Gotta conserve that water in the desert. We stayed at the Meadview RV park till about one. Then we headed over to the claim to find a spot. Did a bit of detecting. Dave ran some dirt through his gold pans. No luck with detectors or the panniing.
I called this the Joshua Tree Site. They are so photogenic as you can see in the Going South 2014 additions.

October 17

Happy Birthday to me! I made coffee and breakfast then I pretty much just lazed about. Reading and playing cribbage with David Didier. He made his Romi noodle stuff for dinner, so I didn’t have to cook supper. I got birthday texts from family and a birthday call from Brother Marcus Noble.

October 18

Today was moving day so we took things easy. Dave did some maintainance stuff on the RV. He had to fix the cab doors as they have been rattling. He also tightened the big belt in the engine. It has been tweeting off and on. Took some Sunset photos. See more photos under the photo tab. A Photo Journey to Meadview, Arizona.