Learning The Ins and Outs of Building this Website

I have been trying to get this website to look how I want it. It is taking alot of trial and error. The menu has been giving me the most trouble. I know where I want things it is just taking me awhile to figure out how to accomplish this. I now have a Review tab and a photo tab.The review tab will be for posting reviews of RV parks we have stayed at. Heck, I might even review other things, like a book or a movie. The photo tab is self explainitory. I finally got the proper widgets I wanted too. Which include the Blog Roll, a calendar, archive, and a follow me button. I will probably tweek it some more as I figure out what some of the other widgets do and if I want them. There is also the great possiblity that I will change to a different theme if this one doesn’t hold my appeal. Well that should do it for now. I need to reheat my soup as I let it get cold trying to build my site. 🙂