The End Of The 2018 Yardening Season Is At Hand


I have not posted much about yardening for a few weeks. The flowers really slowed in new exciting blooms as the days have gotten a bit cooler. I did get one late gladiolus. It was taking forever to open. I brought it in a couple of  days later since it still looked like this.


Finally after being in the house a few days two flowers finally opened.


Even the weeds were blooming late. This weed was blooming with cute little white flowers by the wood pile.


I got one more nice pink poppy, before the cold, wet, windy weather decided to make several appearances.


Even the garden creatures were getting ready for the cold to come. I saw this caterpillar in the marigolds. Just a few weeks later I saw the second one on a cloudy, cold, wet day trying to hide in the cracks of the shed door.


These were the last of the interesting flowers in the wildflower bed. A cute little stunted white cosmos and the droopy little pot marigold.


On October 6th we got our first frost so now most the flowers are turning brown and droopy except for the petunias, some of the marigolds, and the black-eyed susans. I had picked some peppers a few days before the frost. The second photo is the last of the peppers I had to pick after the frost. I used them right away since they had been nipped by the frost.


So as soon as we return to just normal chilly fall days I will have to start preparing the garden for winter. I will remove the dead pepper plants, dig up the gladioulus bulbs to be stored over the winter, and remove the marigold plants. I will probably leave the wildflower bed and the cosmos/ petunia bed as is until spring.  I am pretty sure I did it that way last winter/spring for the cosmos/petunia bed. I did not have to plant it this spring as it self seeded. I hope the wildflower bed will do the same. If it doesn’t I have those new boxes of seeds David got for me.

I don’t know if Cleo will make it through the winter. I had no pot big enough to bring her in. Her leaves were shredded by wind and blown off, what few she has left are brown. Even her stems have turned brown. But yesterday I looked at her a bit more closely. I saw a couple of small babies that were still green. So some of her seeds grew hidden under her and the petunia jungle. I covered them with mulch so maybe they will make it to spring. If not maybe some of her other seeds will survive the winter under the mulch.  😀


Friday The 13th Blizzard

Not as Scary as Predicted

You may remember last week I was telling about another snowstorm coming. It came but not quite as ferocious as predicted for our area. It seems the low pressure took a wobble a bit more south. So we did not get those 15 inches. We got between 6 and 8 inches here. We still had to do some scooping on Saturday and by Sunday it was well on its way to melting. Monday brought a very windy day which continued well into today. This helped melt the snow even more, so by this morning most of the snow was gone except in very shady places. The wind finally calmed down around noon. We are expected to get another round of snow for this coming weekend too. GRRRR! I am never going to get a garden in. If it is not snowing, it is too windy.

Anyways here is some lovely photos of Friday The 13th’s Blizzard.


The Next Morning

The Scooping of the Snow

The Deck almost done. David took a break. It was heavy wet snow. He calls that kind of snow, HEART ATTACK SNOW!

Busy in The Backyard


David spent a couple of hours yesterday doing some more raking in the backyard. He hauled 8 more full blue trash cans around front to the growing leaf pile. It then shrinks a bit because we have had some crazy windy days. The wind was actually helpful to David yesterday, it was blowing from the west which was the same direction he was raking. No raking against the wind!

I just stayed indoors crocheting. I finished a baby beanie and started a baby bucket hat. I also vacuumed, did dishes, scooped litter boxes, and made pork soup for supper. So I was keeping busy too.

Here are photos of David’s Day of Raking Befores and Afters.


The area beside the trailer and the back steps.


David did this area last time but he just got the first layer raked.

He got down to the nitty gritty yesterday.


He still has the strawberry patch to go. He saved that for another day.


The back steps and under the swamp cooler after David arranged everything.



And The Wind Did Blow!


We had a really bad storm here last Tuesday (6/28/2016). It was pretty cloudy out that early evening. So it was a bit strange when the lights flickered once then again and totally out. This was at 5:08 pm. I know because I looked at my phone to note the time to see how long the power would be out. Well then I hear the splattering of rain drops on the window not too bad so far. I spoke to soon the splattering of rain drops becomes the pinging of hail. The rain is heavy now with the hail mixed in. Then our mobile home is shoved. Yes, the wind has begun to blow and it is a gusting hard! It is blowing the rain in the north window in the living room even though it is closed.

I go around looking out various windows to see the trees just swaying like crazy. David tells me to get in the living room because he is worried that the big tree in the back yard could fall and if it does it would land on the kitchen. I go into the living room for a few minutes then decide to go to the bedroom at the other end of the house. I look out the west window in there. I see that the neighbor’s trees are sway pretty good and the one nearest to our house could actually fall on the bedroom so I grab Sully off the bed and we both go back into the living room. The hard rain and hail and winds last about 30 to 45 minutes then it all calms down to gently falling rains. It was pretty scary there for a while.

Now that things are calm I go back to my room to do some crocheting until I can no longer see. The power is still not back on. So once it is dark I just put my stuff away and go to sleep. David stayed up listening to the battery-powered radio for weather updates and Rockies updates, playing his Castle Age at hour intervals and  checking where the storm headed on the laptop to conserve its battery. The Rockies did play that night with a first pitch at 9:30 ish pm. He came to bed about 1:00 am. I went out to the couch at this time because I felt I was gonna have a snore fit and didn’t want to keep him up. It is just after 3:00 am when a bright light in the kitchen wakes me up and I see David coming out to turn it off. I then followed him back to the bedroom to finish my night’s sleep.

Power was out for about 10 hours here. Town was back on in a couple of hours. I think the power crews did a great job. They had to move trees before they could replace lines. I also learned that several power poles had been down too.

It is now later on Wednesday morning so we can go out and survey the damage. I also found this little chart when I was checking out Facebook. That 103 wind gust was just 2 miles south of our house.

Photo Chart via Facebook.

Photo Chart via Facebook.



We had no damage to the house or BOB.

Just a lot of tree branches all over the yard which we piled up near the burn barrel.

David will burn them later.

The garden did survive. Just a lot of shredded leaves.

The tomatoes and yellow summer squash were not damage hardly at all that is why there are no photos of them.

I Might Have Transplanted a Peck of Peppers!

Well I got outside and got busy this morning somewhere after 8:00. I first did the mounding for the 6 new squash hill holes that David had dug yesterday. Then I gathered up a little garden shovel, my gloves, and the wheelbarrow in front of the deck stairs. I went inside and collected the peppers that needed transplanted and placed them in the wheelbarrow. Then I pushed it around back to the spot David had prepared for me.

The Pepper Spot

2016 Garden61

The Pepper Plants

The large pepper plants in a row of five. Coffee cans placed around them for protection. Close up of one inside the coffee can.

2016 Garden66

I got these 15 plants transplanted then came in for a break. It was 9:40 am when I came in. Good progress was made in that hour and a half. The larger plants and the ones in the coffee cans I am not sure which pepper they are. I kinda mixed them around when they were growing inside. The smaller ones are definitely green peppers.

After my break I planted 8 more plants that I knew were green peppers next to where I planted the first 15. These were all just tiny. The just barely had their first set of leaves that were not their sprouting leaves. So they are close to the ground, now so if the wind continues to blow,(yes the wind was a blowin’ while I was a plantin’) they should be ok and not get whipped around. I then moved to the other end of the pepper spot and transplanted the signature sweet peppers that I started from seed from actual peppers. These guys took forever to sprout. They also just barely had their first set of leaves. I planted 8 of them. The arrow in the first photo is pointing to a tiny pepper plant there are 4 in each of the two rows.

I finished and put all my tools away and came in to get breakfast for David and do some house work.