About a month ago I saw an add on the local radio station’s website that caught my attention. It was for the local consignment store telling when it would be taking new consignments. They would be taking them between August 1-15 and then again between September 1-15. I had been thinking about trying to sell […]

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To Consign or Not To Consign — Skrappy Skarves


Square Yesterday, Rectangle Today

I have finished the large granny square for upcycling the large canvas bag. I did add some pink and a some variegated pink, purple, white yarn. I am happy with the outcome. I placed it on the bag to see how it fit. It nearly covers the whole thing. Project Name: Large Granny […]

via Square Yesterday, Rectangle Today — Skrappy Skarves

Square Yesterday, Rectangle Today — Skrappy Skarves


I decided to go ahead with a trial attempt baby sandal Wednesday evening after posting that was one of my ideas for a project. I found my BABY BOOTIES pattern from my Kindle Ebook: Beginner’s Guide to Crochet Patterns by Emily Nelson copyright 2013 Location 1499 I got this book in a free promotion […]

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Baby Sandal Attempt # 1 — Skrappy Skarves


I couldn’t resist, it just sounded too much like a lead in to a joke. hee hee 😀 ( clearing throat) ahh hmmmm Seriously now. I have finished up the other orchid variegated wrist warmer. I decided I would not add the flip top for now, who knows by this winter I might decide […]

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A Wrist Warmer, A Camera Sleeve, And A Granny Square Walk Into A Bar — Skrappy Skarves