Repairs and Remodeling on BOB Continue

Last report on Bob, he was getting the roof sealed. We have now moved inside to work on the bedroom ceiling where it leaked over the winter.
David removed all the bad area that had been damaged from the leaking. This photo from 2017 shows the begining of the damage.

Beginning of leak damage.


Before he did that though we moved the mattress off the pedestal into the living room so he would have that area to work.


I didn’t think to get more before and during photos.
Whilst David was working on that I began removing the wallpaper in the bathroom. We had removed the bathtub earlier at the end of last fall. We decided we could do without the tiny tub as it had started leaking. That is why we used a storage tub for the fish we caught rather then the bath directly. We are planning to put a large sink in its place. This will work better for storing and cleaning fish. Most rv parks and camp grounds have showers now a days anyway.

The fish bin sits in the bathtub.



I used a hair blow dryer to heat the wallpaper, then peeled it off. Keeping the dryer pointed at the wall as I peeled the paper. This works much better than trying to scrap it off with a scraper or utility knife ( box cutter if you prefer). I thought of this after I had done one whole wall in the bedroom remodel back in 2014. The walls were sticky behind the paper. I thought if I heated the paper up and pull at the same time it would release the glue and just peel off. As you can see it works like a charm. A lot faster and less work too.

I then got to painting the walls. This is after one coat.


I did a total of three coats, I also put a coat of fresh paint on the previously painted walls in the 2014 remodel. I also painted the ceiling cause it looked drab and yellow next to the new white walls. The paint was all dry now so I thought I would add a bit of decor. These were both items given to me at my retirement going south party from the care home in 2014. They all knew I liked fishing so I got a couple of fishing themed presents, a fishing basket, creel and this little outhouse.


David had to tear out quite a large portion of the bedroom ceiling. The wood and foam insulation were rotting and falling to pieces as he took them out. He let the area dry out for several days. He then put in new pieces of foam insulation. He then screwed this piece of wood paneling in place that is actually used for flooring. Since I was in painting mode, I asked if he wanted the patch painted. He said, “No, not yet I want to make sure that the leak is fixed. You can paint the rest of the ceiling if you want.”
So I did. I also touched up the right wall. After a few years of extra fishing poles rubbing against it, that wall needed it.


My next goal is to get some new plastic taped down on the pedestal and then put the mattress back on it. Then I think I will move on to the kitchen. I need to get the various tools and supplies put away. I then will wipe it all down and since I got the paint, add a fresh coat to the kitchen wall.
After that I need to start deciding what stuff inside can go in the outside bins. The fishing poles and all other fishing accessories for sure as we are not fishing now. They don’t need to be readily accessed. The space where all the accessories are stored right now is where the deep freezer will go. I don’t think the fishing poles need to ride around strapped in the seat. By the way, our trip to Texas has been postponed until fall of 2020. We realized we needed more time to make preparations.


What are your thoughts? :D

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