Uncommon Birds to Our Area That We Have Sited.

Another post idea courtesy of Helberg Farm Stories I had to dig some of these photos up on the external back up hard drive that we have to back up the computers. lol

Rocky Mountain Blue Bird

This is the first time I have been able to capture these little fellows. My husband has seen them several times. He tells me they are there but they have flown off by the time I get the camara. When they do show up it is early spring and just for a few minutes never see them the next day.

Orchard Oriole

I captured a photo of this fellow at the ponds in July of 2014. I thought he was a robin until he started “singing”.

I think they actually stay for a while in the summer at the ponds.

Orchard Oriole

Western Tanager

I got this one in June of 2013. It was really windy that day, so he probably thought the bushes in the backyard would be a good spot to rest. These bushes were low to the ground. Even then the wind was blowing him around. So that explains the blurry photos. That and I was taking them through the window of the back door. I didn’t want to open it and frighten him away.

David has also seen humming birds several times, but they are long gone before he even has a chance to tell me he saw them.

2 comments on “Uncommon Birds to Our Area That We Have Sited.

  1. thanx for sharing Arlene – I just love watching birds! We/I also have the problem with humming birds. Darn things are so small and so fast, gone by the time you find them cute little buggers! I have a honeysuckle vine in the front yard that attracts them every year – hope it will always stay growing.

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    • I have never seen a humming bird here in Nebraska. The only time I have was when we lived in Arizona. I saw him as we were coming back from the mail room at the apartment complex we lived at. He was a little green one.


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