A Little Bit of This and That


Computer Maintainance

Saturday (04/22/2017) morning I was going to get on the computer to do a few things. When I got over to it there was a note on it saying that the anti- virus program needed to be downloaded. I knew it would be ending soon. I clicked on the program button in the tray. It said it needed reactivated. Now this is Nick’s ( my son) laptop. I knew he did not want to renew the paid subscription. So the reactive choice seemed ok to do. I thought this would just revert it back to the free subscription. I pushed the reactivate choice. It loaded and of course the program needed to do a restart. I let it do that knowing I would not be doing any computer stuff. Nick has his laptop set with a password. I was not going to wake him at 8 am on a Saturday on his day off. So I had to find other things to do until he got up.

When he did get up and he put in his password.  I was concerned by reactivating it I may have actually bought the subscription again. When Nick checked the virus program it had just given a free 30 trial. So I was happy that I had not accidentally bought a subscription. 🙂 Whew!

Sully’s Saturday and a Photo Shoot

Well Sully had been begging at the door all morning. So one thing I could do was take him out for some outdoor time. I walked him around the house and then clipped him to the deck rail. He was able to eat his grass and sniff some catnip under the steps. While he was doing that I decided to take some snapshots of me modeling the new hat I finished crocheting the night before.

I did my modeling by the back of BOB. I took a few with my glasses on and some with my glasses off. The glasses off ones I am doing a whole lot of squinting. I was facing east. 🙂


After the photo shoot, I decided I would move some stuff out-of-the-way to get this flowerbed ready to dig.

When I took the picture I had already moved the window glass out of the bed. I then moved the lawnmower. Well after I did that I looked over at the deck. Sully was up on the deck scratching the rail support. Then he was at the door telling me that he was ready to go back in the house.

The Spring Cleaning of BOB’s Loft and Living / Dining Room

After I let Sully in I had lost my motivation to dig the flowerbed. The wind was a little chilly yet. I thought we were going to go fishing later in the afternoon. So I thought I would spend the morning cleaning up BOB. I started by taking down the curtains in the loft bed, the living/dining room and the storage area for fishing gear. I got the extension cord and the vacuum out. I vacuumed the loft bed. I put a queen sized fitted sheet over it. The curtains were now washed and dried so I began putting them back up. The loft ones are always fun. I tend to forget the low ceiling and bonk my head scooting around  to each window. The front window in the loft is on two rods, one that goes through the top of the curtain and one that goes through the bottom. I got them onto the rods and was trying to clip them to the brackets they would not connect. I had put the top rod through the wrong pocket on the curtain. So I had to take them off and rethread them through the smaller top pocket.

I then put all the extra bedding up on the loft. I stowed some other extra bedding under one of the bench seats and some extra dish towels and dishcloth. I was then able to get the sheet and pillow cases off the couch and took them in to wash. While those were going I vacuumed the couch and bench seats.

Oh, by the way when David got up at 9:30 I realized that this job was not going to be done by the afternoon. It turns out that was ok, because David told me we were not going fishing until Sunday. I guess I picked the right day to Spring Clean BOB!

I had an old sheet of plexi- glass that I broke to fit over the flow through in the storage area. I cut the extra bin lid to fit in the bottom of the storage area. I now had a neat tidy place to store all the pole holders, fishing net, fish stringer, tackle boxes, branch cutter, 3 pound hammer, flashlights and umbrellas,  and shovel. We use the branch cutter later in the season when our favorite spots start to get over grown. The hammer is for pounding the pole holders in the ground. We use the shovel to level out spots for our chairs or dig steps down the steep banks. I thought you might be wondering what we used those strange items for when we went fishing.

Now that all that was safely stored I went about putting the living/dining room curtains back up. My plan was to use some old plastic plumbing tube as curtain rods like I did for some of the other curtains. It was a fail as the windows were to long and the plumbing tube would sag down in the middle. 😦 So I had to put them up like I had them before with the rings placed over the end of the boards that use to hold the blinds.

I next vacuumed all of the carpet. I put the rug back down in front of the door and put the cooler back down on it in front of the storage area. Again, I did not get before photos as I had not planned to do this it was just a spur of the moment thing. I did get afters though.

The coach made up and the curtain up.

Update on the Moonflowers

They are opening up their leaves.



An Inspiring Day Of Fishing

October 27, 2016


Fishing was very slow, so I got my camera out and kept my self busy catching photos.

I caught these photos of some young tree ents. We don’t fish this spot on the pond often, last time we  were here the trees were fully leafed out so it was hard for me to see that they were indeed tree ents.

They looked wonderful in color! I thought they would also look great in monochrome. I think I was right!

I had to get some photos of my first catch of the day. A cute little bullfrog. He was in the leaf litter near the bank. I nearly stepped on him filling the bait bucket with water. I kept him in the bucket so if my daughter and grandson stopped by I could show it to them. I released him around 5:00 pm. They stopped about an hour after I let him go.

The coots were really close to me today. They were doing alot of diving so I could not get a good photo of them.

I was watching some water bugs swimming along the bank. Eight of them would race along wiggling back and forth in a single file line. As I watched four of them broke away and began square dancing. I kid you not! The individuals would spin in a circle while spinning around with the other 3 in a circle. Then they would swim off and catch up with the others racing along the bank.  I didn’t take photos they would never have stayed in frame or focus. They were just too fast!

I was sitting on the bench thinking of all these things I have been watching when a poem started forming in my mind.

I had to get it down on paper. I would never remember it all until we got home. It was a good thing I kept Post It Notes and pens in a pouch on my chair in BOB.

You can view the poem and the rest of the photos here.

I Caught My First Catfishes of 2016!



It has been over a month since our last fishing trip to the ponds. The yard was mowed, the garden is weeded and watered so there was nothing stopping us from going. It was a beautiful night. It was a little breezy to keep the bugs away. The sliver of moon gave us just enough light until it went down behind the ridge. Crickets were singing. Bats were flying. Fireflies or lightening bugs if you prefer were blinking. Just wonderful. Oh and the catfish were biting. We fished until 2 am then went home took care of the fish and got to bed some time after 3 am.

David out fished me but I enjoyed the night. He had caught 12 fish then I lost track. He caught some bluegill and perch as well as the 3 biggest catfish and one pan sized catfish. He caught several punk catfish that he released so they could get pan sized or bigger. He calls the small catfish punks.

I caught one blue gill and 3  pan size catfish.

It Was A Mommy!


Do you remember that downy woodpecker I mentioned a couple of weeks back?

No, then click here for the reminder. 🙂

Now back to yesterday. I was looking out the kitchen window and saw the downy woodpecker.

I continue to watch when a second woodpecker comes hopping around the side of the tree into view.

The first woodpecker would peck at the tree bark then the other one would copy it.

The second one was slightly smaller, so I think it was a mommy and baby having finding food lessons. 😀

Return Of The Rooster!


This is the rooster that was hanging around last fall. He had 3 hens with him. We were hoping to see him again this spring and maybe see if he had started a family. It would be great if he did. They can help the wild turkeys keep the grasshopper population down.

David and I saw him again about 10 days ago but he went into the bushes before I could get a good shot of him. We waited a while but he never came back in site. We did hear him though, calling and flapping about for the hens. So far we have not seen any hens.

He made another appearance on Monday the 25. I was able to get some pics of him. He was way across the field from me so I had to use 32x zoom. He would not stand still though. So you will have to search around the tall weeds to see him. The last pic was the best. And thanks again for the reminder to post this Rachel. 🙂

Sully Saturdays # 7

Silly Sully Photos


Sully saturday banner


Mom has been a little photo happy the last couple of weeks. Every time I would come and hang out with her she would take photos. Some of them were pretty cool, others ehh, not so much.

So here they are.


This set she was using the low light setting on the camera. It was night-time and she had the electric lights on. That is why these look orangey. I guess she was practicing extreme close-ups or she really thinks I have a very handsome nose. She might have just been trying to get a nice eyes wide open shot too. I have a nice smile in the extreme close up of my nose though.


This set she didn’t use the low light setting and no flash. I think it was early evening so there was still a bit of sunlight coming in the windows.

The first photo she caught me being lazy after my bath. I forgot to pull my tongue in. The rest are just nice photos of me staring off into space or staring Mom in the face wondering why she is taking photos again.


I was napping on Mom’s lap on this sunny afternoon.


I was trying to get Mom to pet me but she wouldn’t. She was working on a new coozie frisbee so I started messing with the yarn. Instead of petting me and giving me skritches she put the frisbee on my head. I guess she thought it would make me a nice little hat.

I was not amused.

She  knows I don’t like to model hats, so I ran to the end of the bed to lay down and pout.

My Sewing Machine, It Is An Oldie But A Goody!



I love it when a fellow blogger gives me an idea for a new post. Helbergfarmstories wanted to know more about my sewing machine. So per her request a post with more information. 🙂

My mother bought this sewing machine for me when I was about 22 years old. She found it in a thrift store for a dollar. It was in one of those heavy cardboard woodlike carring cases. Once we moved into this home, I now had room to get me a small cabinet for it. We were at an auction one afternoon that had  old sewing machine cabinets. I  saw one of my coworkers there. I struck up a conversation and told her I was here to bid on a sewing maching cabinet I didn’t really need the sewing machines that most of them had. She said her husband bid on them for the machines cause he scrapped out the steel in them. So she said I could pick one of the cabinets for free. I did not need a huge one, so I picked a nice small one.

My machine fit in it nicely. I could finally get rid of that stinky cardboardy carring case.

1 Sewing machine

This is the name plate on the middle of the machine.

The brand Name of Sewing Machine.

This plate is on the right side of the machine near the wheel.

It says





Plate on the right side.

This is a seal on the side. It says:


Guaranteed by

Good Housekeeping


The Good Housekeeping Seal


It even came with this original litte instruction booklet.


That is all I know about my little sewing machine.


We Aren’t Done Yet!

7 Big fish 12


This is the collage I made in Paintbrush for our big fish catches this season. The latest additions were two pikes on October 25, 2015. We are hoping to go again Sunday as the weather reports says it will be 70 degrees and Good fishing!

David looked at my collage and informed me that his northern pike from June was not in the collage. So I went back to paintbrush, took out the 2nd picture of the 17 pound catfish and replaced it with the northern pike from June.