Icicles and Shadows


Yesterday morning as I looked out the kitchen window I noticed the icicles hanging down in front of the window. Some of them were pretty long. I decided to take my camera with me when I went to the shed to get Milly some fresh water and fill her food bowl.

I didn’t know what the photos look like until I got back inside. I basically am shooting blind when taking outdoor photos in full sunshine. The camera screen is just a dark square. I just kind of guesstimate what is in the frame and hope for the best.


I took this photo of the icicle hanging off the drain spout for the shed roof.

When I first glanced at it, it looked like a contrail in the sky.

I like that I captured the drop of water at the tip getting ready to fall.


The rest of the photos are of the south side of the house. The sun is behind me, so there are shadows of the icicles and of the trees that line the south side of the driveway on the house. I think that just added to the beauty.



Sully Saturdays # 19

November Notes


Well here it is almost the end of November. So I will fill you in on some of the note worthy happenings for the month.

The weather has been up and down. Some seasonal weather where it has been to cold, windy, or snowing for me to go out. I have gotten to go out a couple of times this month though. Those days were nearly 60 degrees or better and sunny. There is not much green grass for me to eat now. It is really slim pickings. All I can do in my catnip jungle is rub on the dried brown stems.

On one nice day Mom was going to take me out but I was in the middle of my morning beauty nap. So she found me a few blades of grass and a bit of catnip that was still green that was on the south side of the wildflower bed. She brought them in and put them on my perch(Mom’s sewing machine cabinet) in the bedroom. She said,”You were sleeping and now it is dark so I brought the outside in to you.” I gave her a grateful look. She spoils me sometimes.

A couple of mornings when Little Kitty was out of her room to play, Mom set up a blanket fort for us. We had so much fun running around in it. We sneak attacked each other. I was like a kitten again! Then Mom had to put Little Kitty back in her room. We both were so wound up that we were both getting a bit too rough in our play. Little Kitty had here claws dug into my face pretty close to my eye so Mom said that was enough. I had also made Little Kitty cry out when I had her pinned to the floor I was probably biting her a bit too hard. So Mom broke that up. I did end up with a small scab behind my ear from her attack on my head. Little Kitty came away unscathed.


Oh, and Little Kitty has been my little sister for two years now.

Wow, time has flown by since she was this poor skinny scabbed up kitten.

She didn’t get much bigger but she is a much healthier happier kitty.  She is our forever kitten.


The last note worthy item for November is I have been helping Mom with her crocheting a lot. She finally finished the blanket for Connor. So I helped with the photo shoot for measuring.


After she got the border finished I did my final inspection of her work.


Little Kitty helped with the staged photo shoot for the blanket too.

I think she needs a little bit more practice.


Until next time, stop and smell the catnip! You know I always do!



On The Sixth Day of Autumn

This is not the type of things one is expecting to see falling this early in the autumn!


I had gotten up early this morning at 4 am. I looked out the windows, the eastern sky was just barely getting light. I looked because David came in the bedroom last night to tell me that the radio annoucer had said the four letter “S” word that ended with a “W”. I could see a bit of fog, but no white stuff was on the ground. I didn’t think much about any more. I continued posting my Skrappy Skarves post then started playing Candy Crush. David came out to the kitchen about 6:20 am. He asks if I had looked out the window this morning. I said I had when I first got up at 4 am. He suggested I look again out the front door. Yep, there was that white stuff he told me was coming last night.

Another Flying Visitor

This One Likes to Flutterby the Cosmos


I large orange and black butterfly has been making visits to the cosmos. The first time I saw it I had just gotten out of the truck after coming home from town. It was fluttering around my head then flew off into the sky. I saw it again a couple of mornings later it was making its way over to the flowers around the deck, but I did not have my camera with me that day either.

The next day when I went out to water I made sure to have my camera with me so I could get a picture of it . Well I finally got a few shots of the butterfly on the flowers. It seemed to prefer the cosmos as a landing platform. I got two nice clear photos and two a bit blurry photos. I never was able to get an open wing shot though. As soon as it would land it closed up its wings. The butterfly had a stalker too. A bumble bee kept following it from flower to flower. They kept trying to push each other around. It made me chuckle.


I took to the internets to identify the butterfly. I was pretty sure it was a monarch,but wanted to make sure. I was correct and it was female.
Maybe next year my milkweed plants from the library will be established for other monarchs visiting my flower gardens. 😀